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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TOC & Chromebook

I'm updating an old document, an old document with a Table of Contents with manual page numbers. I'm thinking I want to reproduce this, but have our new, fancy, computer software automatically generate the page numbers. I've done it before, I should be able to do it again. But looking for instructions on how to do this with Google Docs lands me on a forum with a zillion likewise complaints and no solution. Well, sheet.

But wait a minute. I don't print anything anymore. Well, hardly ever. Amazon shipping labels occasionally. So I don't really need any page numbers, all I really need is a link to the Chapter heading, and the Google's current TOC does that just fine.

If I ever finish this document and want to actually print it, yes, page numbers would be nice. Maybe the print shop will have a nice typesetting program that can handle page numbers.

I just spent a month with a Chromebook and it was really nice, aside from the small keyboard, the narrow field of view, the small screen, and the awkward keyboard angle when it's sitting on the table. But those are all mechanical problems and can be dealt with. The instant-on and complete absence of Microsoft made it a joy to use. I'm thinking I want a Chrome box for home so I can use my big screen and the cheap Dell keyboards that my fingers know so well. Still need to find a good way to deal with photos online. How do you organize 100,000 pics?

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