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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Dehli to Havana

Google Earth view of flight path from New Delhi, India to Havana Cuba
It's a little hard to make out in this image, what with the cloud cover and all, but this flight path takes you somewhat North of Iceland. Nobody actually flies this route. It would be possible with our newest long range airliners, like the Boeing 777-200LR or the Airbus A340-500. Ordinary Google Maps doesn't show this route going so far North, but if you create your own map it does. But then you don't get the global view like you do with Google Earth.

Looking at plain map of Earth, Madrid looks like good waypoint, but going through someplace like Iceland, will save you 500 miles and an hour of time.

Prompted by Britt's story in National Geographic India about Cuba.

Cold Welding in Space

Welding in Space

I've seen several episodes of Veritasium, and Derek Muller, our host, passes muster. When he speaks, he is transmitting information, he is not just bloviating. While bloviating is a more popular speech mode, it has a much lower informational content.

King Carlos, aka Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and Modern Music

As the parade of the Guaracheritos de Regla passes with colourful carnival costumes, choreographed dances, and drums, the gathered crowd falls in behind the procession and joins the celebration.
Photo: Britt Basel
Back in colonial Spain, King Carlos made an ironic decision in his war against non-Christians: he banned slaves from Muslim areas of Africa in the new territory of Cuba. So the peoples of northern Africa were sent to other European colonies including the U.S., where their stringed instruments may have helped give rise to the musical tradition of the blues; while many of the first slaves who wound up in Cuba came from the forested regions of southern Africa, where the drum was, and still is, king. - Britt Basel
Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo By Ned Sublette
While former [Spanish] colonies gradually abolished chattel slavery after independence in the 1830's, the Cuban pro-slavery lobby succeeded in delaying abolition in Puerto Rico, and Cuba, the two remaining American possessions, until nearly the end of the 19th century. - Slavery in the Spanish New World colonies

Monday, October 24, 2016

Chinese Man

Miss Chang - Chinese Man feat Taiwan MC & Cyph4

I'm not too sure about the tune, but the video is way out there. I mean, steam engines!


Vladivostok Postcard via Syaffolee
Vladivostok keeps popping up. I've mentioned it in ten posts here.

Vladivostok to Khasan
I was giving Syaffolee a hard about knowing where Vladivostok was, which prompted me to check. It's about 80 miles from North Korea as the crow flies, but about twice that far by car.

Khasan is right where North Korea, Russia and China all meet. It is on the Tumen river which forms the border between North Korea and the other two countries.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Remember when Detroit used to make cars? They made a bunch of 'em, and every one of those cars got painted using spray paint. You know how there is always some paint that goes somewhere else whenever you paint something with a spray can? Now multiply that by a zillion cars and decades of time and this overspray turns into a substance much like rock. People are digging it out of the old factories and turning it into jewelry. Via Nancy on Facebook.

USA Rivers

USA River Basins
We've got the Columia (orange) in the Northwest, the Colorado (yellow-green) in the Southwest, and the Mississippi (pink) all over the center. The Great Lakes area looks a little confused, but maybe I'm not holding my mouth right. Via Nancy of Facebook.