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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Blast from the Past

1978 Air to air photo taken while training the Iranian Imperial Air Force before the fall of the Shah.
Previous post about the Iranian Tomcats.


Francis Bacon 1617
Gary Taubes, a science writer, has written an essay dissing a report from the American Heart Association. He opens with this quote:
The human understanding, once it has adopted opinions, either because they were already accepted and believed, or because it likes them, draws everything else to support and agree with them. And though it may meet a greater number and weight of contrary instances, it will, with great and harmful prejudice, ignore or condemn or exclude them by introducing some distinction, in order that the authority of those earlier assumptions may remain intact and unharmed. – Francis Bacon, Novum Organum, 1620
He goes on at some length laying out just what is wrong with the AHA's report, but Frank's quote pretty much sums it up.

The AHA wants you to believe animal fats are bad for you and vegetable fats (oils) are good for you. Gary thinks their evidence has been cherry picked. I think the AHA is operating on a political mandate to get people to eat more vegetables and less beef, because that will cut their grocery bill and it will make it look like inflation is not as bad as it really is. But wait, they have already removed beef from the consumer price index calculations, so maybe that's not it. Maybe they just hate ranchers and pig farmers. I don't why that would be, but I will wager that big money is a factor.

Via Detroit Steve.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sherwood Auto Body

Sherwood Auto Body & Others
So I've been idling away dreaming about my Space Car and I thought I would go visit some shops that were in the business. Sherwood Auto Body was the closest, so this morning I paid them a visit. Restoring old classic cars is more a sideline for them. The manager did show me a photo of a '64 Thunderbird they are working on. New paint, new upholstery. Naturally enough he wants real money for it. Probably cheaper than buying one and doing the repairs piecemeal, but 25K is still a big chunk of change to lay out all at once.

1964 Ford Thunderbird
Not the Sherwood car, just so you can see what a 64 looks like.
Their main operation is collision repair and boy, are they busy. There are at least three other businesses in the building: an Aamco transmission shop, a Meineke muffler shop and one more that either does detailing or stereos. The first two, Aamco and Meineke, were dead. It didn't look like they were even alive. There were a few cars parked at the sound shop, but the body shopped was jammed. It was even worse than what is shown in the photo above.

Makes me wonder how the Meineke and Aamco shops survive. I wonder if the franchisees are happy with their investment.

Google Mars

Google Earth has expanded to include the Moon and Mars. Via Detroit Steve.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


LaCroix Flavored Soda Water
We go through a case (24 cans) of soda water a week. Freddies usually has three or fours flavors of their house brand and it suits us very well, but lately they seem to have trouble keeping it in stock. Today when I went to the store they were completely sold out of the house (Kroger) brand. The rest of the soda aisle was full up on soda pop (Coke, Pepsi, et al), but the short section devoted to the house brand of flavored soda water was empty. Just opposite was La Croix, on sale for $2.50 for an 8-pack, which is within spitting distance of the $3 for 12 of Freddie's brand, so I picked some up.

Recently, the State of Oregon raised the bottle and can deposit from a nickel to a dime. Ten cents times 48 cans is almost $5, $5 once every two weeks is like $125 for the year. $125 is not to be sneezed at, unless you have to spend 125 hours jumping through hoops to get your money back. Not to mention that most stores will only pay out something like a buck and a half on each visit, so it's not like you can save them up and do 'em all at once.

Since I throw the cans in the recycling, the price of an ice cold can of soda water has gone from 30 cents to 35. Still much cheaper than beer, which is usually about a buck a bottle.

John Lennon for President

The Beatles - Revolution

I quit listening to the Beatles many years ago. Oh, i thought they were great when they first came out but after ten or twenty years I think I got kind of burned out on them. When John Lennon got killed, that kind of put a nail in that coffin. Or may it was just a coincidence (Lennon dying and my getting burned out on Beatles songs).

Then this one just popped up on YouTube and I am thinking this might be the perfect antidote to the rabid, foaming crazies trying to make a name for themselves on the streets and campuses these days.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Labor Saving Devices

Pansonic Vaccum Cleaners. MC-6210 (left) & MC-6220 (right).
We have a Panasonic vacuum cleaner that we bought shortly after we got married. It has served us well for many years. Recently though, it has started eating belts. The last pair lasted about a month. Since the first pair of belts lasted nigh on ten years, I can only conclude that cheap knockoffs have entered the supply chain. Also, the belts I have been buying recently have not been coming in genuine Panasonic packaging. Criminently.

Genuine Panasonic belts in Genuine Panasonic packaging.
Sears is the only place where I could find them. Their picture is illegible. The site that this picture came from didn't have any.