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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Factory Five 818

Factory Five 818 Sports Car Introduction Video

The video isn't as thrilling as the one for the Alfa-Romeo 4C, I mean it's full of guys spouting tech-speak. This car is pretty cool. It's a kit-car you can build in your garage that will deliver near super-car performance. All you need is about $20 grand and a couple of months of time, or a year if you only work on it on Saturdays, all of which makes if a fraction of the price of the Alfa.


Дивіться відео з тренування українських грацій під керівництвом хореографа Олега Жежеля;)
Posted by НОК України та олімпійська команда/NOC of Ukraine and the Olympic Team on Tuesday, September 1, 2015
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Friday, October 2, 2015

Quote of the Day

Larry Johnson Trying to follow what russia is doing through american media, and vice versa, is like trying to have a newborn explain rocket science.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quote of the Day

Protractor, Ruler & String
Cord and Erasmus, siblings, exchange a few words:
[Cord:] "Do you need transportation? Tools? Stuff?"
    "Our opponent is an alien spaceship packed with atomic bombs," I said. "We have a protractor."
    "Okay, I'll go home and see if I can scrounge up a ruler and a piece of string." - Anathem by Neal Stephenson, p. 334.
I almost howled, but everyone else here is asleep and they probably wouldn't have appreciated hearing from me at this hour.

Agua Verde Castle

Google Streetview Screenshot
Driving back from Benson this morning I spied this big white building sitting on top of a hill. It appeared to have a tower at one end which made it look like it might be a church. It must be big, it's a long way away. A little Googling reveals that is a private residence. Here's a better shot.

Benson, Arizona

Drove 30 miles down Interstate-10 to Benson, Arizona, this morning for breakfast.

Dead scorpion on the garage floor. Too much carburetor cleaner.

Nash Metropolitan outside Reb's Cafe. Truly Nolen is a pest control company. Iaman tells me that Truly has restored hundreds of cars and has them on display all over.

Steam Engine outside Reb's Cafe. At first I thought it was a tractor, but closer inspection reveals that there is no connection between the engine and the wheels. There are gears, jackshafts, chains and pulleys for fat cables. There is also a big cam that turns about the same speed as the engine. It looks to be for a trip hammer, but no hammer in evidence.

Reb's Cafe where we ate. Good food, good service, low prices. Stack of funny books on every table.

Stopped at the ACE Hardware Store where I saw this $100 ax. I can't imagine spending that much on an ax, but I then don't use one all day long, or even every day. Actually, I probably haven't picked up my ax in years.

Nothing says bulldozer like giant wrenches.

Psycho gnomes for your magic mushroom garden.

They take water seriously around here. That's a water meter attached to the fire hydrant. The hose is connected to a pipe stand for filling water trucks, for construction purposes I imagine. I don't think the fire department has to pay for the water they use.

Direct TV transmission station. Four (count 'em, four, great big, fancy satellite antennas.
Click to embiggenate.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015