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Friday, May 24, 2019

Off with his Head!

Ertuğrul Postoğlu as Bahadir Bey
We're deep into Season 4 of Ertuğrul and last night Bahadir Bey finally got his comeuppance. He swaggers in from nowhere and wants to be declared leader of the tribe and when that is denied, he starts scheming to take out Ertuğrul. Well, all's fair in love, war and politics, but he crosses the line when he conspires with the enemy. Never mind that there is a war going on, this guy would sell his own mother for some personal aggrandizement. Where is his mother anyway? Did he sell her for a gold plated trinket?

Anyway, after weeks of torturing us with his lying, double dealing and generally being a low down dirty dog, he gets found out and Ertuğrul chops off his head. My wife and I both let out a cheer! It's like the Trail Blazers won a playoff game!

None of this would be worth mentioning except for this story about a modern day head chopper-offer getting his head chopped off kind of brought it into focus. (Via Knuckledraggin My Life Away)

Funny how people feel about violence. If it's our people getting whacked, then our blood boils and revenge is the order of the day. If our soldiers manage to whack a bad guy, then it's cause for celebration.

Red Hot

Cisitalia 1947 202 Spider Nuvolari
Spotted this over on daily timewaster and my immediate thought was that it looked kind of cool. My second thought was that it was maybe a little weird, and that was enough to get me wondering just what the heck it was. Google found the same picture on a couple of other sites, some of which were dead, and some were Pinterest, which seldom has any useful information. But then I realized there is a license plate and when I tried that, bingo!, several sites popped up that identified the car. RM Sotheby's has concise story about this diminutive, postwar Italian hot rod. They also have a bunch of pictures. I like this one:

Cisitalia 1947 202 Spider Nuvolari
Wikipedia has a story about Cistalia cars.

Mercedes Benz

Ewy Rosqvist: An Unexpected Champion

I have mixed feelings about Mercedes. On one hand they have done some wonderful things with automobiles. On the other, they are ungodly expensive and relatively unreliable compared to Asian anything. The worst part, or maybe the best, depending on your point of view, is that they think they are better than everyone else. In many cases they are right. They are innovators, but sometimes being first just means you end up being different. Friend of mine bought a used Mercedes sedan of some sort and eventually it needed a wheel alignment. Turns out your average tire shop can't handle this common service requirement. Only place you get an alignment done is at the Mercedes dealer. Likewise another friend of mine got a luxo Benz on a trade and it has some kind of quirky transmission problem and the only place that has the diagnostic tools to tackle is . . . you guessed it, the dealer. Of course, if you are one of the faithful, this isn't going to be a problem. All other cars, dealers and shops are heathen barbarians and you wouldn't want to deal with any of them anyway. Besides, that's why god made you rich.

Checking my blog for previous Mercedes posts and I realized they ran another ad featuring a woman last month. It could be an interesting year if they can keep it up.

Via BANGshift

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Foil Bearings

Turbomax Air Bearing Animation

Foil Bearings are curious devices. Most bearings that are employed in ordinary devices like cars, appliances and power tools use some combination of oil and rollers to keep things running smoothly. Not so Foil bearings. The rely on nothing but ordinary air. There are some air bearings that require a supply of pressurized air, but they are another animal entirely.

Foil bearings are used in jet engines and possibly in some turbochargers. Why they work is a mystery. The rotating parts of a large jet engine might weigh as much as a ton, yet the few square inches of bearing surface are enough to support them. In the animation above, the foil ring expands as the shaft speed increases, which should indicate that the air pressure has risen about the ambient. How does that happen? Is air somehow attracted to fast moving surfaces, kind of like girls are attracted to guys with fast cars?

WPC Surface Treatment Demo - Air Bearing Effect

Then we have this video about WPC Surface Treatment. They have a metal rod and a bushing that have been subjected to the WPC treatment and while they are not touching air can still not escape through the gap. Very weird. Dan Gelbart got me started on this.

The WPC treatment is somewhat like sandblasting, but the particles are much smaller than sand. Near as I can tell it bashes all the high points down so the surface is much smoother, not that you would be able to tell by touching it. At a submicron level, I imagine the difference is something like this:

Precision ground surface versus standard
On the other hand, a highly polished surface that has been subjected to the WPC treatment is no longer mirror-like. Probably has something to do with the wavelength of light the size of the 'dimples'.

WPC Metal Surface Treatment Demo #2 of 2

Get Bent

2003 Cassini Radio Experiment
On the way to Saturn, NASA ran an experiment to further verify Einstein's theory that gravity bends space. The experiment was a success. I think this image gives very good view of what they were doing.

Via Starts With A Bang!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

China Rim

China Rim Chinese Restaurant
Our Tuesday lunch bunch has been bouncing around ever since O'Connor's closed. We went to Walter Mitty's for a while. They have a deck which is great when the weather is nice, and a fancy grilled cheese sandwich that I really liked. We were going to Seasons & Regions for a while, but the parking there is abysmal. We've also tried a McMenamins, The Old Market Pub, Lupe's Escape, The Black Bear Inn and Block & Board.

I like China Rim because it's cheap, it's closer to my house than most of the others, they serve Chinese food which I am partial to, but mostly because it is quiet enough you can have conversation without shouting.