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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Ukraine & the U. S. Government

Tanks and Flags

I never could understand why we instigated the war between Russia and Ukraine. Maybe there were some dinosaurs who just wanted to pick a fight with Russia because they grew up during the cold war and Russia was bad then, so it must still be bad. But I suspect they saw the war as an excuse to fund our own arms industry, which would mean they would be collecting big time in the form of kickbacks, bribes and insider stock trading. They don't care that the war is killing thousands of Ukrainians and Russians, they're all just peasants anyway.

I don't hear much about the war these days, at least nothing worth mentioning, but I came across Ukraine’s Starting to Get Dangerous by James Rickards today. It's pretty good. Here's a couple of excerpts.

But the entire notion that Russia poses some existential threat to NATO or Europe is absurd.

First off, the theory that Putin will invade other countries if he wins in Ukraine is nonsense. The Russian army lacks the men and materiel to occupy Ukraine while simultaneously invading other countries.

This isn’t the Soviet Union with its massive tank armies poised to roll over Western Europe. And Soviet communism is long dead, so there’s no ideological basis for Russia to invade Europe. These days Russia is a conservative, Orthodox Christian nation.


But more importantly, Putin has absolutely no incentive to invade any of these nations, which are NATO members. What do they have that he wants?Fearmongers like to point to what Putin once said in a speech: “Whoever doesn’t miss the Soviet Union doesn’t have a heart.”

They take that as proof that he wants to recreate the Soviet Union. But they conveniently omit what he said next: “Whoever wants it back doesn’t have a brain.”

 James Rickards has been mentioned here before.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whoa doggie, "we instigated the war between Russia and Ukraine." Where did that come from? Putin invaded the Ukraine. Ukraine was the worlds 3rd largest nuclear power. We promised to defend the Ukraine if they gave up their nukes which they did.
Putin sending all those mercenaries into Africa found out he couldn't control them with oil when they were too poor to need it. But what really held sway was food from Ukraine which was feeding a big portion of the world.
Honorable people keep their promises.