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Monday, January 14, 2013

Col. Stapp

The problem with View From The Porch, for me anyway, is that Tam knows way more history than I do so dang near every time I open her blog I find something new I have to look up. This morning it was Colonel Stapp. From the context I deduced it was probably the rocket sled guy, but with Tam you never know, so I checked. When I did I found this fine story about the Colonel's exploits.

More YouTube videos. 13 minutes each. Colonel Stapp is not an entertaining speaker, but they contain good information.

Rocket Sled: "Space Age Railroad" pt1-2 USAF John Stapp Holloman AFB

Satellite view of track in New Mexico.


scott smith said...

Gotta wonder what modern day defense contractors would charge for this brand of work...

Chuck Pergiel said...

Gotta wonder what they were charging back then...