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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice Cold Concrete

Stockholm Ice Bar

Everyday I go out into the garage to feed and water the cat and clean the litter box, and I usually do this barefoot because feet can be washed. Step in something nasty with your shoes on and it can be the very devil to get them clean again, not to mention that you may not notice it right away and you may track nasty stuff all over the house, and then you've got an even bigger cleaning job. Plus I suspect that going barefoot makes me a little more alert to what's on the floor so I might be able to avoid the mess in the first place.
    Anyway, it's been getting colder outside (January in the Northern temperate zones) and I've been secretly feeling pretty tough, going outside in my bare feet. Until yesterday. Yesterday I noticed that my missing newspaper was under my truck, but after doing the kitty chores my feet were too cold to spend any more time outside. I've been doing this for weeks, why would I suddenly get a case of cold feet?
     My friend Jack has been working on his Martini project out in his garage, and while it was cool out there, up until a couple of weeks ago it was tolerable.
    What has happened is that the concrete floor in both our garages has cooled off. The concrete is a big heat sink and so while the temperature is fluctuating, it averages  it out. But once it gets cold and stays cold for a week, well, all that heat sunk into the concrete leaches out and you are left with a stone cold floor.

Update June 2018 replaced missing picture.

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