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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Columbiana Fight Scene

Turned on the TV just is time to see this well choreographed fight scene from the movie Columbiana, directed by Oliver Megaton. Megaton? What kind of name is that? A made up one. Megaton takes his name from his birthday : the 6th of August 1965 is the 20th anniversary of the dropping of the Hiroshima A-bomb. Zoe Saldana is my new virtual black-ninja-assassin girlfriend. She's 35 now. She's been in a bunch of films like Avatar and the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness (I had the hots for Uhura since before I knew what the hots were). She's the perfect black actress. If you've seen a movie in the last ten years with a hot black actress in it, it was probably her. The credits are rolling by and Luc Besson's name pops up. Where have I heard that name before? Oh, like Zoe, just about everywhere, starting with The Fifth Element.

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