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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Money Talks, Part 2

In the movie Top of the Lake, Holly Hunter plays a sort of guru to a group of women. One of her main points in talking is that your body is smarter than you are. The body has evolved over millions of years and it knows everything it needs to know in order to survive. Our vaunted higher mental abilities are just window dressing. They might help us out with some things, but we could get along perfectly well without them.
    I'm thinking we could draw an analogy between this model and our world. People talk about politics and decision making, but the world runs on money. We have all kinds of crackpot conspiracy theorists who are trying to tell us the that Bilderberg Group or the Jews or the Illuminati or the Masons secretly control the world. Our crackpots aren't exactly right, but they are not exactly wrong either. The world runs on money. Everything else, including newspapers, television, politics and, yes, even blogs, is simply a sideshow, something to keep people occupied so they won't go around burning down factories and other profit making operations.You can try and influence things with politics and campaigning, but money is a very strong argument and it is very hard to divert.

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