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Friday, December 20, 2013


Stewart Dean left an interesting comment on one of Comrade Misfit's posts, so I followed the links to his page. He seems to be a thoughtful, intelligent person. I'm reading one of his pages and I find this phrase:
Lesser Jihad (forgetting the Greater)..
which intrigues me because I still can't understand how crazy can be contagious. The phrase links to a page about Jihad on WikiIslam (which had to exist because Internet).
    Recently I've been hearing stuff that implies a Jihad can be just about any kind of quest or project and does not exclusively mean holy war. However, from reading this page it sounds to me like the only real definition of Jihad is holy war, and those people who are claiming other meanings for Jihad are heretics. Well, they'd be heretics if they were Christians. I imagine Musslemen have their own word for it. Maybe the heretics will prevail and force a change of meaning on the word, but right now it's kind of suspect.

P.S. The best endorsement for WikiIslam is that is has been blacklisted by the Saudis.
P.P.S. Yes, I know history is full of examples of the crazy contagion. Germany and Japan during WWII are my prime examples today. I still cannot understand how it can happen. Marcel quoted G.K.Chesterton the other day. He makes for some interesting reading.

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