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Friday, January 22, 2016

Britten V1000 Model

Britten V1000 Model Kit, prepped for painting.
The picture of the Britten V1000 motorcycle I posted the other day is a picture of a scale model, not of the actual bike. I chose that picture because of the clean background. All the other pictures I saw had cluttered backgrounds which made it difficult to see some parts of the bike. When I first saw the image I thought it was a real bike. Only when I got to the source page did I realize it was a model, but I figured if it was good enough to fool me at first glance it's good enough for my post.
     But now my curiousity is aroused, so I do a little checking. The model was developed by Jim Wylie, another New Zealander. He made the masters and then he and his crew cast some number of kits in pewter using a 'spin-casting' process, whatever that is. Some kits were sold, but then THE EARTHQUAKE hit and their stock of kits was destroyed. The molds still exist, so it is possible that someday, someone may cast another batch of kits. The kits, when they were available, weren't cheap, $330 was the list price.

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