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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Battle of Bunker Hill

New book about maps and their influence on war and peace. Amazon has the book, National Geographic has the story. The first map is from the book, the other three are from Wikipedia. The first three show the Boston peninsula where the battle was fought. The last one shows a larger area. Click to embiggenate. Via Posthip Scott.

1775 map of the Battle of Bunker Hill
showing positions of (left to right) an Arm'd Transport, a floating battery, Gla(f)sgow, another floating battery, an unnamed ship and the Faulcon
Drawn during the battle by British Lieutenant Thomas Hyde Page
Image courtesy of Buyenlarge, Getty Images
1875 Map of battle ground on Charlestown peninsula, encompassing Bunker and Breed's Hills, 
showing positions of a couple of gondolas, Somerset, Lively & Falcon
George E Ellis, History of the Battle of Bunker's Hill
2011 Map showing the positions of the American forces at the outset of the Battle of Breeds Hill.
showing positions of Glasgow, Symmetry, Cerebus, Spitfire, Somerset, Lively & Falcon
Charlies E. Frye
1775 Map depicting the 1775 Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Siege of Boston
J. DeCosta
Notice the faint lines on the water on the first and third maps that presumably show where the deep water channels are. Kind of important thing to know if you are running a big ship. The second map  doesn't do such a good job. Not everyone understands which elements are necessary to fighting a battle. If you are only telling the story you may not need to convey all that information.

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