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Monday, January 4, 2016


I'm looking at my G-mail. I have over 10,000 messages there. Why? Because I thought maybe I should save one, and yes, maybe I should save that one too, and pretty soon I was saving everything and now I've got 10,000 messages. Theoretically, there might be some important information in there somewhere, and occasionally I have managed to retrieve some useful bit, but is it worth carrying all this baggage around for that one, possibly useful, bit of information that I dredge up every six months or so? If I was having to pay for this storage, no it wouldn't. But I am willing to carry the mental load of thinking there are useful things stored safely away in this pile of verbiage. So now I am thinking that maybe I should just delete everything and start over.
    It probably took me ten or 12 years to accumulate that many messages, and if I went back to the beginning I might find some real curiosities, but at 25 messages a page it would take a while to get all the way back to the beginning, or:
hover over the top right number count 1-XXX of XXX  and click OLDEST
There might be some real curiosities in there, but I just looked at a dozen or so and nothing wonderful popped out.

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Ole Phat Stu said...

Your sample size is (far) too small.
If you don't know hoe to calculate sample sizes, try this tool :-