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Monday, January 4, 2016

Gravely 526 Snowblower

Gravely 5260 six lead snowblowing
Not Uniberp, but this operator has a happy, enthusiastic audience.

Uniberp deals with the snow:
I have a gravely 526 model L garden tractor, which was a perfect tool for clearing brush and snow here. I happened across it and took it home for a few hundred, and I've barely put a dime into it over the last 5 years.
It has a snowblower attachment, which works really well, and it has to. We occasionally get a couple feet of snow in a couple days an I have a 200 foot driveway to clear.
To be sure I was prepared for this winter, I had this part built, since it was badly designed to begin with, and was going to fail. It had one broken yoke when I bought it, which I was able to fix for a few bucks, but it is loose fitting.
It's bizarre, the preoccupation I had with getting this done. I couldn't stand the thought of buying a consumer model snowblower, Lisa has one and it is a horribly crude thing. Mine you can guide with one finger, at times.
Top: Original Gravely Double U-Joint
Bottom: New, Improved, Custom made unit.
It cost him a couple of hundred bucks to buy the necessary parts and pay the machinist for his time, but obsession knows no bounds. Or good tools are worth their weight in gold. Your choice.
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Update March 2017 replaced character's name with handle.

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