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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Catastrophe Imminent?

Vader 404
Got an email this morning from Google (message number (WNC-655201) telling me that a bunch of URL's aren't working. However, all these URL's go to my blog, which is hosted on Blogger, which belongs to Google.So why are you telling me, Google? Get your own house in order!

I tried the FETCH tool, and it failed to find the referenced page. However (2), I was able to pull up the page directly.

I would write this all off as a glitch, except that yesterday afternoon nothing was working for about five minutes.

Has the internet routing mechanism grown so big and complex that it is falling apart? Are the Russians (or maybe the Chinese) deliberately making trouble? Or has Skynet become self aware? Inquiring minds want to know!

P.S. This forum wants me to select a category for this post, but since I am outside the circle of wagons, I have no clue as to what category this should fall under (Security, malware & hacked sites? Where's Incompetence?), I so put it under Chit-chat.

P.P.S. Five minutes later and already one response, which points here.

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