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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Slow Down

ELMS (European LeMans Series) at Monza
The picture is from a video of some practice sessions being run at Monza. Since it's the LeMans series, the cars at least sort of look like cars, not like those insect looking things they run in Formula 1. The sound when they are running hard is pretty great, but when they let off the throttle you hear backfiring. It's probably not backfiring in the traditional sense, that is, when flames shoot backward through the intake manifold and through the carburetor. I suspect it is excess fuel being dumped in the exhaust and exploding there. Whatever it is, it's really obnoxious. It sounds like a construction site with people dropping boards and beams. It doesn't sound good, and that's why I didn't embed the video here. Click on the link under the picture if you want to watch it.

Anyway, the whole reason for including the picture is so you can see the glowing brakes. They are bright enough that you can even see them in daylight. I suspect the disks are carbon.

Via Road & Track.

Another red hot carbon brake.
Previous posts about brakes. I was surprised there were so many of them.

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