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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Snow? Or Whiteout?

Portion of Letsang Diamond Mine Facilities in Lesotho, Africa
The elevation here is about 10,000 feet, so I suppose the white stuff in the center of the screen could be snow, but it looks more like somebody wrote over the image with a white marker. Or an eraser. Someone could be trying to conceal something, but what? It's a very public enterprise.


Anonymous said...

If you search for Letseng diamond mine Africa on Bing maps, you will see the real image. Not impressive.

Wikipedia has a good article about Google's map redacting policies. Lots of stuff has been whited out. Unfortunately, Africa is not mentioned in this article but lots of US sites are:

Love your blog. Keep it coming.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Oh ho! Very curious. The Bing map looks like they have cleared the ground in preparation for some kind of construction, i.e. there is nothing there. The Google map looks like there is something going on, but it is not clear whether that is the ground clearing operation, or some kind of construction that happened afterwards. Now I'm really curious as to what it is. Well, sort of, for a couple of minutes maybe. Thanks for the input. I did not know about the Wikipedia article.