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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Redding, California

Lim's Cafe, Redding, California
On my way to San Francisco. Got here around 7PM last night, to the hotel that is. I got to Redding hours before that, but there was no sign of the Travelodge. Stopped and asked locals for directions and they sort of got me closer, but then I stopped in a Comfort Suites and they had an internet equipped computer so I was able to pull up Google Maps and presto, the Travelodge was only a couple of miles down the road.

Had dinner at Lim's (above) which is just a couple of doors down the street, easy walking distance. Wasn't sure how hungry I was, and didn't know just what kind of place Lim's was. It looks like it could just be place that caters to the local alki's, but it turns out to be a real restaurant with real food. I had the almond chicken and it was fine. They brought me a big platter that I did not think I could eat, but I served myself one small portion after another and eventually the whole thing disappeared. Lim's has been in operating out of this same building for 60 years.

The A/C on the truck gave out mid-afternoon. I think the compressor has bought the farm. Horrible squealing noises from under the hood, bad smell from the vents and the cold air wasn't all that cold.

Listening to John Grisham's Street Lawyer on the way down. It's all about the homeless and how the govenrment and big corporations are out to screw them over.  Everywhere I stopped yesterday there were one or two or a few people down on their luck, hoofing it to somewhere. Kind of grim.

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