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Friday, June 8, 2018


Emily Barker - Nostalgia (Wallander version)

Just finished watching the last episode of Wallander on Netflix. We watched the whole series over the last month. The first three seasons were pretty much standard murder mysteries, but the last season took a left turn off into the boonies. The last episode (S4:E3) with the CIA and the cold war was just nuts. There were a couple of lines in there that just sent me over the edge.

Synopsis: Hakan, an aged, retired, Swedish submarine commander, has disappeared and his wife has died, an apparent suicide.
1:11:00 Kurt Wallander and Steven Wilson, an American, probably CIA. Kurt walks in the front door of Hakan's house carrying something wrapped in a tarp.
CIA: Hello, Kurt.
CIA sits down, Kurt pours and brings him a drink.
Kurt: There you are.
CIA: Ah, that's mighty kind of you.CIA: To your health.K: So what are you doing here?
CIA: (SIGHS) I guess I didn't make my flight. . . . I've been trying to think of some piece of information that might help figure out what's happened.
Kurt: And did you think of something?
CIA: A friend of mine and I, we were colleagues . . . And I had this deal with him that he would help me. And if ever he became troubled by any consequences, then he would let me know and I would help him, in return. And the way that he would let know would be that he would disappear.
Kurt: And how would you help him?
CIA: I'd find him, take him elsewhere.
Kurt: (opens tarp) It's an American device. Those submarines weren't Russian, they were American, and Hakan was working for you.
CIA: (nods) At that time, it was considered a priority to destabilise the government here. It was perceived as being Communist. It worked. After the fake Russian subs, support for the East dwindled away to almost nothing. Which was another border made safe, another front closed down.
Kurt: And Louise? Louise? So, was it always part of the rescue plan that she would die? That he would arrange a suicide, leave evidence to blame her?
CIA: I liked Louise.
Kurt: Where is he?
CIA: Waiting for me. But I won't go fetch him. It would be inadvisable for us to become involved. Far better for someone else. Someone with an interest to make him face up to his responsibilities. To what he's done.
Kurt: What about your responsibilities? You wouldn't be here if you weren't afraid to face them. If I confront Hakan with what he's done, I'll make sure I do the same for you.
CIA: You're not in the best of health. You have a family. Are you sure you want to make that threat?
Kurt: Where is he?

There was an incident involving a Soviet sub in Swedish waters back in 1981, but it was definitely Soviet. There have been a number of other incidents that were blamed on the Soviets, and given the one big red flag, they probably were triggered by Soviet subs, not American ones. Some people disagree. But you know, conspiracy theories don't need any facts, and blaming the CIA is a popular sport, so let's blame them. Google has more.

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