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Monday, April 29, 2019

The Trial of Ural Bey

Kürsat Alniaçik as Ural Bey
We've been watching Season 3 of Diriliş: Ertuğrul (English: "Resurrection: Ertugrul") on Netflix. We're up around episode 30 or so and Ural Bey, the scheming, low down, lying dog is finally going to get his comeuppance. Or is he? His father dies just about as he is about to lose his head and due to -something-, the execution is postponed. Of course it is. If Ural dies now we will lose our favorite villain (boo! hiss!).

The trial is pretty decent for the 13th century in a Muslim country. We have a judge, evidence is presented and people on both sides of the dispute are allowed to have their say. From what we see in the trial, there is not enough to convict anybody, at least according to current crime show standards, but Ural is convicted anyway, which is a relief because we, who have been privy to all his clandestine meetings and nefarious scheming, know he is as guilty as sin.

The whole show, trial and all, reminds me of nothing so much as the clown show going on in in the U.S. Congress, i.e. the persecution of Trump by the Democrats.

The difference is we know Ural is guilty, because our hero, Ertuğrul, is on the side of truth, beauty and justice. That's why I watch Netflix instead of the news: the stories are one sided, clear as a bell and the truth is obvious.


Unknown said...

Well said! Netflix over news forever!

Jack said...

Im so upset that they prove he did not kill governor. Yet no one mentions that he was still guilty of burning the rugs and killing the alps. No says a thing. And should still be executed!

Unknown said...

exactly I was saying the exact same thing he should be killed anyway for the initial crime of burning the rugs the governor is just extra

Unknown said...

Exactly I was saying the exact same thing he should have been killed anyway for just burning the rugs and killing the Alps the show is so awesome

Unknown said...

As you see the full episode without fast forward then u will get it the says 1st to vasilius to that the revenge of governer than he say to ertugrul you will take the revenge of ur alp. 1st see than comment