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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Big Pharma

Pill me
I'm down here in Vail, Arizona, just south of Tucson, and I've been watching some broadcast TV. Lots of ads aimed at older people with all their medical problems. Some of them are promoting drugs, some are from law firms offering to sue the bejeezus out of the drug companies. No surprise there, there are a lot of retired people down here. I think half of Iaman's neighbors are retired government employees of one flavor or another. Most ads from law firms are full of sympathy (oh dear, you've been hurt), righteous indignation and offers to help you exact your revenge. This one was different.
     One ad from a law firm stuck out because of the way they phrased their message. It was missing most of emotional claptrap found in other ads. This one laid it out very simply.
  • Drug companies make a great deal of money from drugs that help people.
  • Some people who take that drug, a small minority we hope, are injured by that drug.
  • The drug companies know this is likely to happen, so they set aside funds to pay for those claims / lawsuits.
  • So if you have been injured by a drug, step up the plate and say your piece. You will collect.
Which reminds me of an opening scene in Fight Club where (Ed Norton) is explaining how the automobile companies decide whether to include a safety feature in their cars or not.

I will be watching for that TV ad. I hope I can find it.

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