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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

bookmarks, history & blacklist

    I'm thinking that an app that combined the functions of bookmarks, history & a blacklist might be a good thing to have.

Iconic History by Carnegie Mellon University interaction design student Shan Huang
    History records way too much stuff, stuff that I don't need, like all my Google searches, visits to gmail and YouTube. I've tried a couple of history apps but I haven't found one I like.

Marked Book
    I use some bookmarks, well, actually only two. I go on binges where I bookmark everything and organize all these marks into folders and then I never go back, at least not using bookmarks. I'm thinking of trying a new technique where I put everything in just one list, but that could quickly become too long and full of dross to be useful.
    The apps displayed on the Chrome browser's New Tab page is pretty good, I use it a lot. However, 5 of the eight slots are taken up with games, and I never use the other three. I don't even know what they are. Maybe I should check. Did that. One is another game that I play once a day (instead of ten or twenty times). I get there using one of my two bookmarks. Another is Wikipedia, which I do visit often, but I usually use the address typeahead feature to get there. The last is my bank, which I visit once in a blue moon. My blog was on there, which was handy, until I clicked the wrong spot or pressed the wrong key and it vanished.

Mr. Blacklist hisself ("Red' Reddington) has a meet in the Black & Gold record shop in Carroll Gardens. This picture is only here because it has Mr. Blacklist in it, and it looks cool.
    Lastly I want a blacklist, a list where I can send all the sites I never want to visit again for whatever reason. So this one needs a little extra functionality to popup a warning if you ever try to go there.

I also posted this on the Chromebook help forum. You can follow the discussion, if there is any, there.

P.S. Found a couple of good paragraphs about Hollywood blacklists here.

Update November 2016. Added explanatory note to last picture.

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