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Monday, April 24, 2017


Number of deaths in America in 2014 (1 pixel represents 1 death). 
At least it does in the original graphic, but this one has been scaled down by a factor of 4, 
which means each pixel represents 16 deaths.
Found this on graphical representation, which is a pro-gun blog. I think it gives a good picture of what's killing us, except it doesn't include automobile accidents or opioid overdoses or soldiers killed in combat, so lets see how big those are:
If we made a block at the same scale to cover these, that block would be this big:

Scaled block for other deaths.
I should have made a new block for these three categories, but I'm lazy, so I just scaled the other one down.

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Northbound Bluevolvo said...

In spite of the fact that the number of traffic deaths per year is still outrageous, we should note that it has declined somewhat in recent years.