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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resistance Is Futile

Picked up a plastic doo-dad from the pharmacy yesterday. It's just a plastic tube that goes with an inhaler, makes it easier to get a full dose of medicine or something. Whatever. It's just a piece of plastic, no drugs on any kind. Still, the pharmacy would not sell it to me without a prescription, probably because it's a "medical device", and insurance won't pay for it unless a doctor specifically orders it, and because of all this administrative overhead what should cost a dollar ends up costing the insurance company a zillion bucks.

Came with a roadmap size sheet of instructions printed in 14 languages. I think that has to be a new record. I don't even recognize half of them. It was made by Philips, the Dutch conglomerate that I really dislike because sometimes their "corporate group think" seems to overshadow common sense. Now here they are, trying to make sure they are not discriminating against anyone, or are they just trying to assimilate everyone, like the Borg?

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Ole Phat Stu said...

Interestingly, in that paper sheet (I usew the word advisedly ;-) , starting with Italian, you are given a number to call in Germany. But the Germans are given a US number, as are the French English Turks etc.
It's the same number in the US for many languages, so good luck getting someone there who can speak yours.