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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elephant Ranch

Elephants are having a hard time these days. Every since the international ban on ivory eliminated all sources of legal ivory, the poachers and black-marketeers have been having a hay day. I'm thinking we need an elephant ranch, a place where elephants are protected from poachers. Of course being a ranch, they are going to come to a bad end, but all animals do eventually. Having a ranch might ensure the continuation of the species. I mean if your livelihood depends on having a constant supply of live elephants, you are going to make an effort to see that they do not go extinct. Likewise, if they are your property, you are not going to take kindly to anyone trying to make off with your elephant, dead or alive.
     My kids have all graduated from college, they are looking for work and not having much luck. I'm thinking that maybe I should start some kind of business, and an elephant ranch might be just the thing. Of course there is going to be some god awful politicking involved, but that's something my kids with their liberal arts degrees should excel at. Treasure Island is pretty empty looking, and much closer than Africa. I wonder how elephants would do there? I wonder what Castro's Party would think about such an enterprise. They might really like it, give 'em an opportunity to irritate good ol' Uncle Sam, who is being a king size jerk to pretty much everyone.

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