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Sunday, June 9, 2013

S.A.R.S. - Perspektiva

Just when I think I have figured out how the world works I come across something like this that tells me that a lot of people have not. Or maybe they have and it just doesn't make any sense. I ran the lyrics and the name of the band through Google translator and got, well, not much. Perspectiva is maybe Russian or Slovenian for perspective.

Update: I admit I posted this because of the video. The tune, while bright and lively, is nothing special. The woman has a pretty face, and she's kind of a bad-ass, though it's more in the line of a junky-slut than a ninja-assassin, but hey, she's dressed in black and she can hold her liquor. What more does a guy want from a girl? Besides, most guys can't actually handle having a ninja-assassin for a girlfriend. Since I haven't heard anything else interesting lately (other than superbikes at the Isle of Man, which, while musical, don't really have much of a melody) I listened to some of their other videos, and this band is actually pretty good. They even use an English word or two occasionally.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, the language is Serbian. The name of the band - an acronym from "Sveze amputirana ruka Satrijanija" or "Freshly amputated arm of Satriani". :)

Charles Pergiel said...

Thanks for info, though I could have done without the translation of the band's name. Geez, grisly, aren't they?