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Thursday, June 6, 2013


One of the themes, and a source of constant irritation, in Absolution Gap is the continuing conflict between nominal allies. All humans in this story, indeed, all living, intelligent creatures are at risk of extinction from the "Inhibitors". You would think that when they were facing a common enemy our gang of thieves would be able to put aside their differences and band together to defeat this threat. But that never seems to be the case. They spend as much time fighting amongst each other as they do fighting their one real threat. After a bit of stewing in frustration over their obvious stupidity I realized a group of disparate individuals can only join together if they can agree on a common strategy and/or are willing to accept one person as their leader. If you can't get over that hurdle, you will continue to have conflicts between factions as well as the main war with the enemy. I suppose it's more realistic this way, having all these dominant personality types vying for control, but it's not as much fun as having all these petty differences shoved under the rug.

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