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Saturday, April 12, 2014

CBD - Cannabidiol

From one of my far-flung corespondents:
I've been taking CBD and carefully examining it's effects for  a month. I feel it's of great benefit to me, and I wanted to pass this along.

In an effort to deal with lifelong adulthood depression and compulsiveness, I've tried many consumer-grade (not "psychotic-grade") pharmaceutical available through my family doctor at the time. Even at the minimum doses they have strong effects on me, and as such end up feeling artificial and I hated them.

I have to avoid pot, even though I've tried (and enjoyed) some of the extremely strong pot produced now, but the cumulative effects were not ideal. It helped me a lot with arthritic pain, and my code improved due to increased arms length objectivity, but it put me at odds with normal depressed miserable people and it messes with short term memory, as we all know.
Somehow I came to find this, so I bought it from Amazon:
Embarrassingly stoned postings that make up the bulk of the opinion on the internet make finding out about this a real treat. I was worried until about 10 minutes after I first tried a dose, i.e. didn't like the part about the former chief scientist of the company complaining about biocontamination, so I double- boiled the open-bottle. CBD doesn't boil until 180C, so the stuff can be sterilized without losing effect.

My take: "It's like the good part of pot... without the GREAT part.".. which means: It provides me the pain management and mental stress relief without the euphoria and forgetfulness.

Anyhow it's only a month, but I'm pretty sure I like this. Maybe it's why I always have a roll of hemp twine around for tying things up.
Makes me wonder about my own history. It also makes me wonder about the company I keep. Here I live in one of the most "progressive" states in the Union, a pioneer in medical marijuana and I had never heard of this stuff before. I dunno, maybe I need to go outside occasionally.

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