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Friday, December 4, 2015


Dune (2/9) Movie CLIP - Shield Practice (1984) HD
I found these shields the most interesting bit of technology in the movie.

I just found out that David Lynch directed Dune. Then I pull up this clip and who's the bald dude? None other than Captain Picard. Who else was in this film? Perusing the IMDB listing I picked out the ones I recognized.
  • Linda Hunt - Shadout Mapes 
  • Patrick Stewart - Gurney Halleck 
  • Sting - Feyd Rautha 
  • Dean Stockwell - Doctor Wellington Yueh 
  • Max Von Sydow - Doctor Kynes 
  • David Lynch - Spice Worker (uncredited)

So David not only directed it, he was also in it. I've seen several of his movies:
  •  2006 Inland Empire - Worst movie in the world
  •  2001 Mulholland Drive - Good & Weird
  •  1986 Blue Velvet - Excellent
  •  1980 The Elephant Man -  Good but unpleasant

He's most famous for Twin Peaks and Eraserhead, neither of which I've seen.

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