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Thursday, December 10, 2015

NYC Wiki Wander

A newsletter from FEI got me started.

Katayun Barmak, Philips Electronics Professor in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics at Columbia University, stands in the newly constructed Electron Microscopy (EM) Laboratory located on the first floor of Havemeyer Hall. (Photo by Jeffrey Schifman)
Presumably that is an FEI scanning electron microscope behind her.

Havemeyer Hall, Columbia University, Morningside Heights, New York City
The part of the building to the left (that is just one story taller) is Chandler Hall, a different building. The building to the right (the corner of which is just visible) is the Department of Mathematics. The front of Havelock Hall faces the 'alley' between the two. The modern building sticking up in the background is the imaginatively named 'Northwest Corner Building'.
Morningside Heights is a neighborhood on the upper west side of Manhattan. The area's bigger occupants include Columbia University, a number of parks and churches, and The General Grant Houses.
    Looking at a satellite view I'm wondering just what the 'General Grant Houses' are. Is this another park with a bunch of old houses that used to be owned by General Grant, kind of like one of those historical reenactment places? Sorry, no. It's a public housing project built in the 50's. It's one of those places that is referred to on cop shows as 'the projects'.

New York City Subway map, late night service only
    The Wikipedia entry is a little thin, so I go looking for more and I come across The Rough Night Wiki. It's basically the story of one person's search for a room, but it's done in a 25 page Wiki. I've never run into this format before, but it kind of makes sense.

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