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Thursday, December 17, 2015

San Bernardino Part 2

Shooting in San Bernardino, California (upper center) and Redlands (blue place mark).
A week ago Slate put up an interactive map of gun deaths in the USA. (The site is very slow to load due to all the adware. Slate is definitely in need of subscribers.) Mass shootings get the news, but individual shootings make up the lion's share.

Today Zocala Public Square has a story from Michael Tesauro that gives us another view of San Bernardino. It starts like this:
There was no hashtag or meme or Facebook artwork on August 1, 2012, when San Bernardino, California, filed for bankruptcy after a long fiscal breakdown. Massive budget cuts followed. The police force was reduced by a quarter and murders predictably went up. City Attorney James Penman later told residents at a public meeting to “lock your doors and load your guns.”
I recommend it to your attention.

P.S. Reading about the shooting in San Bernardino last week I suddenly realized that it was spelled like St. Bernard, not Be-nard, which is how everyone pronounces it. My name, Charles, is Carlos in Spanish, and Chuck might be Carlito, so Bernardino obviously means Little Bernie, therefor San Bernardino is named after the great St. Bernard. Either the dog or his namesake, Bernard of Menthon. Actually, no. San Bernardino is named after this guy:

Bernardino of Siena.
Part 1 here.

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