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Friday, December 4, 2015

Science Fiction Plot Device

Dune - The Art of Navigation

I started watching this clip and this idea popped into my head. Imagine we have a civilization that has learned how to travel between stars. They have giant spaceships and mysterious techniques, but it takes all their talent and energy and consumes all their interest in making these trips happen. Their work is so involved and so esoteric that they have no time to bother with planetary concerns, but planet dwellers want to travel to other planets, which are necessarily located near other stars, which is problematic for them, since they don't have the means of executing the trip. So the planet dwellers pay the star travelers for transportation. Or maybe that's just what Dune is all about.

DUNE SPECIAL EDITION : Showreel March 2010

Since we're talking about Dune... seems other people have some interest in the film.

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