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Friday, December 18, 2015

How do I hate the Tesla? Let me count the ways.

400hp! Turbo VW Beetle at the Strip│Simpson Racing Engines "Killa Bee"
Dustbury quotes Aaron Robinson from Car & Driver:
Tesla is an American venture building American cars in America, so I can’t understand some of the virulent hatred toward it.
Can't understand? Let me explain it to you:
The idiotic greenies sent the stock price through the stratosphere. It’s a playtoy for rich people only. It has no connection with the rest of the world. I don’t like Posches, but they are at least related to the lowly VW bug: both are made in Germany, have two doors and horizontally opposed, air-cooled, alloy engines. What has Tesla got in common with American cars? It’s made in an obsolete Toyota factory that happens to be in Californa, the land of flakes and dilettantes. If you want to be accepted as an American car manufacturer, you need to make your cars in Detroit.
I posted in the Dustman's comments, but it was so wonderful, I thought I better share it with y'all.

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