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Friday, April 1, 2016

Shopping Mall Dream

AFI Mall MIBC Moscow - kishjar?
Not where we were.
My wife and I are in a shopping mall after some auto parts. It's not your typical big mall with acres of parking, glitzy department stores and dozens of boutiques. It's more of an outlaw mall that has grown up on the side of this hill. It's been there for years and growing for all that time. It's full of the kinds of stores you find in strip malls and other not prime real estate. Last time I was here it wasn't quite so big, so we charge in expecting that we will get to the auto parts section fairly soon, but after a long time spent following the main corridor that keeps zigging and zagging back and forth we are getting a little discouraged, so we stop and ask someone. They are glad to tell us that the auto parts section is another eight miles down this corridor. Well, nuts to that, we're  not going to hike 8 miles, we'll go back to the entrance and . . . catch a tram, maybe, that will take us there via the lower level.
    This mall is built on the side of a hill, but it is pretty much restricted to just a couple of levels, but it goes all the way around the hill, or it would if it were long enough. It's kind of a big hill.

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