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Monday, April 18, 2016

Roadtrip lodging

Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon

Iaman reports:
A good roadtrip requires good sleep, 1 am to 5am sleeping in Corolla at rest-stops doesn't count.
I like Airbnb....but it's not easy to find a <$70 "instant purchase"  when I want one.
Priceline found a $60 "deal" in Branton, then when i purchased it said it was in Coos Bay 20 miles in the wrong direction, 20 minutes on the phone with Priceline secured a refund.
Then onto Yelp, found a decent reviewed motel room for $55, purchased. Backed up the car to rooms door, easy unload, load of bags. Pleasantly found: memory foam bed, upgraded moden bathroom, wood floors in a albeit small room.
Just as I settled in......A biker rides into parking lot with straight LOUD pipes, then proceeds to come and go 1,2...8,9...times each time rattling the windows. Luckily I have my ear plugs in my swim kit.
If by Branton he means Bandon, well, that's about half between Coos Bay and Port Orford. Some friends of mine went fishing out of Depoe Bay this weekend, so I'm getting a virtual tour of the Oregon Coast.

Bonus: Harley with straight pipes I saw on the way back from Seattle last summer.

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