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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tales from Cuba

Small Boxers

Eyes Closed Boxing

When Osmany was a teenager, a popular pastime on the beach was boxing with your eyes closed. The two combatants would put on boxing gloves and stand back to back with their eyes closed surrounded by a ring of their friends. At a signal they would start trying to strike their opponent. One technique was to make lightning fast feints with one hand and then, if you contacted your opponent with the feint, follow up with a punch. Of course once your opponent felt your touch, he had some idea where you were and would instantly and simultaneously move to avoid the punch he knew was coming and strike out to where he thought you must be. And of course the crowd of onlookers were yelling all kinds of helpful advice. The fight ended when one person got knocked down or they tired out.

Ring of Laughter

Another popular pastime was for a group of children to stand in a ring and laugh. No jokes or antics needed. Just kids glad to be there with their friends and they would start laughing. Some kids would get started laughing and be unable to stop. Some of them are laughing still.

Inspired by Marcel.

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