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Friday, August 9, 2019


Muskingum County Courthouse, Zanesville Ohio
John Litle, a Muskingum County, Ohio, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, has a few things to say about fentanyl. It's definitely worth reading.

Fentanyl has been mentioned here before.

Near the end of the Netflix series Yankee, the anti-hero is proposing that the Mexican drug lords increase their production of fentanyl. I thought that was a dumb idea. Fentanyl is much more dangerous, do you want to kill off your customers? Heroin has a long history, people are familiar with it. Moving to fentanyl is going to cause problems. Evidently I was wrong, drug lords don't care about their customers dying, there seems to be an endless supply of people seeking relief from living.

Fentanyl is being used to make counterfeit prescription opioids.

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Aesop said...

Point of order:

Fentanyl is tame. That's the official pharmaceutical grade stuff. We use it all the time in the hospital.

What Mexican drug lords are either making and importing, or shipping the precursor chemicals into the U.S. for, to home-brew, is not fentanyl, but rather carfentanil.
It's a synthetic equivalent, except it's a lot deadlier.

Three grains, each the size of a grain of table salt, are the LD50 dose (the dose that will kill outright 50% of the people who receive it).

It's tens of thousands of times more potent than pure heroin.
They mix a small amount in a big batch of dope, theoretically to increase the high.

1) Drugs don't come with FDA-approved labels.
2) Junkies are idiots.
3) Junkies will shoot up anything, and don't care, as long as they get their high.
4) If your dealer has ten pounds of heroin, and ten pounds of dog crap or rat poison, he will soon be selling 20 pounds of "heroin". This is why people get monstrous "shooter's abscesses" almost every time they shoot up, and don't care. it's also why they don't care if heroin has some mystery amount of carfentanil in it.

This stuff is so potent a small amount of carfentanil dust in the atmosphere in a cooking operation house is enough to get first responders seriously ill.

Junkies who get a hot batch are cold and dead before they can pull the needles out of their arm.
One town back East had pretty much their entire junkie population wiped out with one batch in a park one afternoon.

Bummer for the family, but that kind of thing is a feature, not a bug.

It's been estimated that even if someone shot up while we had them on a Narcan drip, it still couldn't counteract the lethality of the carfentanil.
It's basically like nerve gas; just a little dab will do ya...permanently.

The "opioid epidemic" is just heroin, same as always.
It's not grandpa taking too many Norcos or Percocets.
It's kids shooting up, because they can.
And later, because they're hooked.

Darwinism in action.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Thanks for the info. I had not heard of carfentanil before. Explains how you can take down an elephant with a tranquilizer dart.