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Friday, October 9, 2015

Alexander Graham Bell


one of his students at his school for the deaf. Mabel was the daughter of 

Gardiner was a bigshot who supported Graham in his experiments with voice transmission. 
Gardiner made an enemy of 

President of Western Union, the telegraph company.  Gardiner and Orton got crosswise when Gardiner filed an anti-trust suit aimed at Western Union. So you can see that Orton would not want to have anything to do with Graham and his telephone. Instead he bought into 

Gray also had a telephone patent. He was one of the founders of Western Electric, the telephone equipment manufacturer.
The two sides fought it out in the courts and Graham eventually prevailed.

All this was inspired by a post on Wondermark. David Malki's focus is more on how ideas are kicked around, but the relationships between the various parties is what got my attention.

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