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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Armorers of Kolomna

This video is not all that wonderful, but it does have some good points.
  • Unlike most Russian videos I've come across, this one has subtitles in English.
  • The short and pointed philosophical introduction (0:30-0:60). Don't hear those kind of ideas much these days.
  • The large number of small missile tests.
  • The cancellation of a missile program due to Perestroika.
  • Current state of the art: advanced anti-aircraft missile systems and point blank anti-missile defense systems for armor.
  • The song at the end. It sounds vaguely like an old, historic, war hymn, but given some of the subject matter it must be of more recent vintage.
Kolomna is a small town about 70 miles southeast of Moscow.

Update September 2015: Original Video is lost. Found a couple others that cover a couple of the topics.
Russian Tank Antimissile System

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