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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rickey Gadson’s Ninja H2 Motorcycle

Crazy, man. There are 2 versions: the H2, which makes 200 horsepower, and the H2R which makes 300. Engines are 1000 cc, 4 cylinder inline, DOHC. The differences  between the two are in the details, cams, timing, boost, stuff you can't see. Plus we have a black man riding it. Nice change of pace after all the shit coming out of Ferguson (that would be the black folks rioting in Ferguson Missouri, in case you haven't been paying attention).

P.S. The 'hybrid' in the title has nothing to do with the way the word is used on commuter mobiles. Actually I'm not sure what it refers to here. The bike does sort of look hybridized.

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