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Friday, October 28, 2016


An armored dullbozer in Dahiyat al-Assad, west Aleppo city, Syria. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah
Reuters has a series of 20 photos of homemade weapons being used by the rebels against the government. The captions of 14 of the photos refer to ¨Free Syrian Army¨, not ¨the rebels¨. 6 of the photos refer to ¨forces loyal to Syria's president Bashar al-Assad¨, not ¨Government Forces¨ as you might expect if Assad was a friend of ours. But since he´s on the our blacklist he gets called out. I would be offended. No wonder he is buddying up to Russia. Our government is living in some fantasy land. I doubt Trump would make a good president, but we really need to come down from our cloud.

Via California Bob.

P.S. Something funky going on with my browser, every time I want to use a quote character I have to type it twice. Some weird function must have got turned on by my ham-handed typing.

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