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Friday, October 28, 2016

Car Buying Dream

Closest thing I could find to the fictional Ford A8 Milk Truck
My wife and I are going with another guy (we'll call him M) to go look at a used car. We are at a dead end. There are three newer black cars parked at angles along the side of the road. There are three or four other people there. A couple of guys are leaning on the last car having a discussion in Spanish. We hang around for a bit waiting to see what will transpire. Eventually M (we call him that because either he looks like Matthew McConaughey or Scott South, a former employer, who actually look sort of alike) connects with the guy he wants to see and we walk past the cars to an old truck that is parked a little further off the road. It, too, is black, though kind of a faded, flat black, not like the newer cars parked by the road.
    This is what we are here to see, and it's a little odd. It's a Ford A8 Milk Truck (not that there ever was such a thing). The front end looks like a Ford pickup truck from the fifties. The back is a big box like you would expect of a milk truck, but it's open to the front, like a delivery van, not closed like you expect a refrigerated box would be. Likewise the drivers compartment is open to the sky, like the driver's position in an old time limousine. The drivers seat is on the same level as the floor of the box, and  there is no door, or even an opening for his legs, which is going to make getting in and out a little difficult. I notice all this, but I am not involved in the discussion. I mean, it's unlikely the truck is going to be used for delivering milk, so it's not really an issue.
   Later on the three of us are in a parking lot underneath a big Home Depot store. The parking lot is at ground level and open on all sides. The store is supported by regularly spaced concrete pillars. We are looking at four pale yellow cars. The cars are all different and they all have interesting features of some sort, which is why M has collected them. Not sure why are all here underneath this Home Depot, but I am beginning to suspect that M owns this store, so I ask him, and he admits, that yes, he owns this Home Depot.

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