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Monday, October 17, 2016

New Roof

Uniberp has a few words to say about his house in Michigan.
Some pics of the steel roof I am installing. A brutal job that ate up much of my vacation time this year. The 10 barrels are filled with old roofing, from the 2 layers of roof [on one half of the front side of the house]. I have taken 30+ barrels off so far, at about 250 lbs each. It will be about 40 total when I'm done, 5 tons.

The back is done, half the garage. The large dormer roof I will cover in white, that is easy, compared to this steep slope. The skylights weighed a lot, just dragged them up the ladder and inched them up the slope, clinging with toetips and lifeline.

It was more or less a karma thing. Whenever I see roofers, I think, "I am lucky that is not me." However, now that I know what is involved and that there is very little actually helpful advice on the internet, I may do an instrucitonal video. 
I'm a little concerned about snow buildup in the valleys, but there is total underlayment, we'll see how this winter goes.

I think I will celebrate completion by buying a cheap camera drone and filming it.
He has more energy, and more determination, than I do.

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