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Monday, October 17, 2016

New Roof

Uniberp has a few words to say about his house in Michigan.
Some pics of the steel roof I am installing. A brutal job that ate up much of my vacation time this year. The 10 barrels are filled with old roofing, from the 2 layers of roof [on one half of the front side of the house]. I have taken 30+ barrels off so far, at about 250 lbs each. It will be about 40 total when I'm done, 5 tons.

The back is done, half the garage. The large dormer roof I will cover in white, that is easy, compared to this steep slope. The skylights weighed a lot, just dragged them up the ladder and inched them up the slope, clinging with toetips and lifeline.

It was more or less a karma thing. Whenever I see roofers, I think, "I am lucky that is not me." However, now that I know what is involved and that there is very little actually helpful advice on the internet, I may do an instrucitonal video. 
I'm a little concerned about snow buildup in the valleys, but there is total underlayment, we'll see how this winter goes.

I think I will celebrate completion by buying a cheap camera drone and filming it.
He has more energy, and more determination, than I do.


Pleasance Faast said...

I think you are doing a great job and your roof looks fantastic. Can you give me some advice as to whether it would be a good idea for me to install a steel roof like yours if I live in Florida? My roof was damaged by a storm and I need to figure out my best options.

uniberp said...

I'm not sure. Wind is the main issue in FL. Since this is "snap edge" it may not be suitable, but lots of people do it.

Franklin Stewart said...

The new roof looks sharp. You shouldn't have to worry about snow buildup, it tends to slide off your type of roofing, those vertical lines help it move down and off. Roofing isn't an easy job and tear off is the ugliest part. I've seen houses with so many layers the poundage would have collapsed the roof at some point.

Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors

Terence Warner said...

That is looking good! It sounds like there's been a lot of hard work put into it, which makes the outcome even more satifying I imagine. I've thought about doing my own roof before, but I don't have such a great head for heights, which is quite a big stumbling block! Would love to see more pictures of your work.

Terence Warner @ Brunwin Roofing