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Friday, October 21, 2016

Wait, what?

I'm working through a JavaScript programming tutorial, and I'm thinking this is all very fine, but I'm starting to hunger for something with a little more substance. Is there a spec out there? Oh, yes, but it's not a JavaScript spec, it's an ECMAScript spec. Wait, what? It's seems they are brothers, or at least cousins. JavaScript came first, and because it was so popular, ECMA decided to make a spec for it. That went over so well that now JavaScript follows ECMA. The story behind the name is a little weird.
Ecma International is an international private (membership-based) non-profit standards organization for information and communication systems.[1] It acquired its current name in 1994, when the European Computer Manufacturers Association(ECMA) changed its name to reflect the organization's global reach and activities. As a consequence, the name is no longer considered an acronym and no longer uses full capitalization.- Wikipedia
Software is constantly evolving. People are always finding new things they can do, and then they think of the same thing, but different. And then a new processor comes out, or memory gets cheaper, and hey, you know that thing you wanted to do before, but you couldn't, because we didn't have enough speed (or memory)? Well, now you can. And in the race to exploit these new ideas, sometimes bugs creep into the code, so we have another reason to send out new code.

We shall see what happens.

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