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Monday, May 25, 2009


This shot is just amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of projectile leaving the barrel, and especially not from a big gun. Of course it could be photo-shopped, but I prefer to think not.

Update January 2017 replaced missing image.


Anonymous said...

Assume the bullet is going at mach 3. That's 3000 feet per second.
So even with a 1 millisec exposure time, it would have moved 3 feet, which is comparable with its own length, so the photo would be blurred.

therefore likely to be photoshopped.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I dunno. My Canon Elf can go down to 1/1500th of a second. Casio has a high speed camera ( that can take 1200 fps.

These guys ( have a camera with a one microsecond shutter speed.

Chuck Pergiel said...

It's not photoshopped. That's one of the NLOS-cannon prototypes during a test-firing at Yuma Proving Ground, Az. That's actually a still from a high-speed video camera. They film the firings from multiple angles at high speed so they can go frame-by-frame and assess the effectiveness of the muzzle break, the speed of recoil, and how the components flex under the stress of firing, among other things.

They get data, we get cool pictures!

John of Argghhh!