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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Girls with Guns

Kurdish YPG Fighter - Biji Kurdistan
Found this in a story about women fighting in Kurdistan. The Kurds don't seem to be exempt from the Middle East Disease. They are not just fighting ISIS and the Turks, they're also fighting each other. There are at least two, maybe three factions of Kurds, and while they might not be shooting at each other this week, that could change.
    I like pictures like this because it shows women standing up for themselves. Doormats are boring. Pinups are nice, but they are distracting. They only serve to keep you horny, which affects your judgement. Burqas aren't the answer because even those voluminous coverups can't conceal the swing of a women's hips, which has got to be the most distracting thing in the world, if you're paying attention.
    I'm looking at this gun and I can't figure out what it is. It almost looks like a movie prop that someone cobbled together out of bits and pieces. Then again, the world is full of odd-ball firearms, and why would you bother to fake a gun in an area that is supposedly overflowing with arms?

Update 6PM: Tam clues me in: "Indigenous .50 BMG anti-material rifle. Looks to be based on a fairly simple design common in the US among lower-end .50s." The Firearm Blog has a story, with pics. I think Tam is gonna be my next virtual girlfriend.

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