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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dornier Do-24 landing at Wolfgang Lake

Seaplane Performs Spin Upon Water Landing

From the 2nd comment on the LiveLeak page. It's the only one worth reading:
This wasn't a "stunt landing". He hit a deadhead (a log) on landing. Here's an [translated] article with a couple of pictures of the salvage, one of them shows a hole in the hull.
Which got me to thinking and this fell out of my brain:
Now I'm wondering why there was a dead head floating in the water. Looks like a bunch of seaplanes use that lake. You'd think somebody would do something. Gol durn kids these days, letting stuff just float around loose. Why, back in my day we used to spend hours scanning our local seaplane landing strip for wayward logs and other bits of floating debris. We'd start the first day the ice started disappearing. We'd go out at dawn and come back in at dark. Sometimes one of the pilots would toss us a crust of bread for lunch, but we never complained. Jimmy complained once. We never saw him again. But never mind that. WE never had any seaplane wrecks on account of something floating in the water. Oh, there was the occasional drunk who'd cartwheel his plane. And the time Uncle Tommy tried to drive up on the beach with his wheels up. Yeah, a bunch of my cohorts got skin cancer and died, but hell, that's just life, ain't it?
The Lake is in Austria.

Via Posthip Scott.

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