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Monday, November 16, 2015

Mea Culpa

Gilles Lellouche as Franck Vasseur (left) and Vincent Lindon as Simon
Evidently Gilles Lellouche and Vincent Lindon are big shots in the world of French Cinema.

    A couple of French cops take on a gang of Serbian thugs. In French with subtitles. Netflix gave it four and a half stars. I give it three. There are some good bits like the attempted assassination outside the police station where the cop with the handgun is trying to kill the bad guy with a machine gun without getting killed himself. The chase through the factory / warehouse is pretty good. The interior of the building is partitioned off by translucent sheet of plastic hanging from the ceiling. You can go anywhere but you can't see more than a dozen yards in any direction. And everyone has guns.
    There's a few silly bits, but not too many, and the story has got some depth to it besides the cops and robbers aspect.

IMDB's listing here.

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