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Monday, May 9, 2016

25 Miles To Go


You might need to turn up the volume, it's a little weak on this tune. The video is amazingly fuzzy, or maybe it's amazing that we even have video from 1968. We do have dancing girls, which is better than watching a bunch of old people standing in their seats in a theater.
   Song popped into my head while I was on my morning walk. Only became aware of this song a few years ago. It came out in 1968, but it wasn't on the rock and roll radio station playlists, at least not that I recall. 

P.S. Stupid YouTube. Some days you can control the video playback with the arrow keys. Up and down arrows raise and lower volume. Left and right arrows jump the video back or forward about five seconds. Spacebar will stop and start the video. These keys only work when the 'focus' is on the video frame. How you manage that is anyone's guess. Half the time when I press a key it causes the video to jump off the screen.
    Anyway, I thought I would see what could be done about the volume. YouTube has a page of embed controls, which includes:


Supported player HTML5, AS3
Description Setting the parameter's value to 1 causes the player to respond to keyboard controls. The default value is 0, which means that keyboard controls are disabled. Supported keyboard controls are:
  • Spacebar: Play / Pause
  • Arrow Left: Jump back 10% in the current video
  • Arrow Right: Jump ahead 10% in the current video
  • Arrow Up: Volume up
  • Arrow Down: Volume Down

Logic seems to be in short supply these days. In programming, zero usually means false and any other value, like one, means true. So if conventions are followed, then the default setting for disablekb is false and the keyboard controls are enabled, i.e. do not disable the keyboard, which is just backwards from what the YouTube page says. The default values are correct, but their explanation is wrong. I checked and the control behaves according to normal convention: the default value is 0 which means the keyboard is enabled.

1 comment:

CGHill said...

The Top 40 station nearest me played the heck out of "Twenty-Five Miles." Then again, that was Down South.