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Thursday, June 24, 2021


I posted the following on reddit:

I am having problems sending text messages from gmail to Apple phones. I surfed the net but all I've found is either basic cycle-the-power level of 'helpful hints', and stuff that is old. I've had occasional problems with it in the past, but now it's all the time. Hoping someone has an explanation for just how this messaging stuff works. I suspect Verizon is futzing around with some kind of program dealing with high volume spam broadcasters, either to curtail them or enhance them. They might get it cleared up sometime, but they might not. Google has Workplace that supposedly allows you to send text messages, but it involves signing up and then your recipients have to sign up as well. So maybe it's not Verizon, but Google. Making life better, one paper cut after another.

Meanwhile, when I logon to reddit using Google, my ID shows up as Massive_Trip_1900. How the heck did that happen? I still have my old, hand crafted logon, so now I have two accounts. I don't suppose it matters, but I do wonder why someone would change my ID. I imagine that one of the data breaches that we hear about daily exposed a password and someone used it change my ID. Why would they do that? Who knows, doesn't matter. What's the worst that can happen, they'll get me banned from reddit?


Chris said...

Hi Chuck,

I just tried it, successfully, using these instructions:

I composed the message in my Gmail account. My carrier is AT&T so I used the "" email domain.

What is your symptom?


Chuck Pergiel said...

Messages sent from my gmail account to Apple phones get delayed, sometimes for days. Other times they never get delivered at all.

Chris said...

Do you have Comcast?

Chuck Pergiel said...

No, internet connection is provided by Ziply, which used to be Frontier, which used to be Verizon.