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Monday, October 3, 2022

State Terror

I still don't understand why we blew up the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Tom Luongo took a stab at it now Adam Piagott is giving us his take.

The attack on the Nord Stream pipelines is comparable to blowing up Bonneville dam or destroying an electrical power plant. So far no terrorist organization has stepped forward to claim responsibility, but then this isn't a typical terrorist attack. There were no immediate casualties, no bloody bodies being shown on the nightly news, nothing visceral that would project fear into the general population. 

But it was a terrorist act none-the-less. We aren't going to see the impact of this immediately, but fossil fuel and electrical power prices in Europe are already skyrocketing. Politicians are making mealy mouthed proclamations about how they are going to get more fuel from other places, but all that blather is just so much noise. It's like somebody blew up the only gas station in the town where you live and friendly Joe Biden has offered to send you a gallon of gas by bicycle courier from the next county over. Thanks a lot Joe, that's really going to help.

I expect Europe is going to suffer mightily and I fully expect more war. Can't say where, but there's going to be more of it.


xoxoxoBruce said...

Why do people like you keep claiming that we blew up the pipeline with absolutely no evidence or even a plausible explanation of why we would do that?
Lying for the fun of it?
You hate this country so much you want to stir up as much trouble as possible?
I don't get it, why the constant stream of bullshit with no evidence?
What's in it for you, I doubt you get paid to lie, must be to be one of the cool kids.
Hmm, a traitor, a turncoat, an enemy of the state, to be one of the guys. Pathetic.

Joseph Moore said...

Read a guy who actually worked on gas pipelines for decades describing what happens when one is shut down and then restarted - it's not a simple process, especially where low temperatures and water are involved. Plugs of slush tend to form, one must depressurize the pipe from both ends simultaneously or else the plugs will shake loose, the pressure will launch them down the pipe, and the pipe will explode. His take: it's tricky, dangerous business even when done by experts under no pressure. Done by Russians, given their track record of poor maintenance and fear to report problems up the line, accidents are all but inevitable.

I at first thought this was obvious sabotage, but after reading his technical description, it sounds like the Russians were doing long-deferred work, and screwed it up. That was the opinion of this guy with hands-on experience, at least.

Anonymous said...

Brucie, this country?? You really think our armed forces, fat and queer as they are, are under the control of Americans, for Americans? We are under a coup, with no leadership that gives one damn about the american people, or any people for that matter. If you cannot see the elements of directed, purposeful genocide being perpetrated globally, you had better try and then get prepared cuz time is short, Cous.

xoxoxoBruce said...

Joe, you're right I read that and learned a lot about pipelines I didn't know.

Anon, leaderless armed forces? pfc Jones is doing things without orders other than goofing off? Not a chance, is it the Wicked Witch of the West, or the man behind the curtain? I don't know, it's your fairy tale.