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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wallypower 118

Top Gear had a short clip about this boat on a rerun I watched the other day. It is quite the boat: big, fast, powerful and ridiculously expensive. I saw it in the movie The Island a few years ago, and I wasn't sure if it was real or a computer generated image.

Now that I know it's real, I am wondering why they didn't put it on hydrofoils. If you are looking for speed, that seems like the obvious choice to me. But there are not too many boats that are using hydrofoils, so maybe there is some problem that hasn't been worked out yet.

As a side note the Wally web site does not seem to have any information about the company. The do have a pop-up video that I watched. I don't recommend it. Firefox blocked it, but gave me the option of watching it, and I thought, well, sure, Wally is a respectable outfit, they wouldn't hose up my computer. Well, yes they would. Screwed up Firefox big time, I had to reboot. And the video didn't even really show anything. Just a hint of something new, coming soon. Bah.

As for the company, they are obviously operating in a very rarefied atmosphere where the very concept of business is of no importance.

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